CARI Guidelines mission is to improve the quality of care and outcomes for patients with kidney disease in Australia & New Zealand by facilitating the development and implementation of trustworthy clinical practice guidelines based on the best available evidence and effectiveness.

CARI undertakes research activities that focus on key areas relevant to implementation strategies and the guideline development process. Past research projects are detailed below.

  • Systematic review of implementation strategies

  • Prevention, detection and management of early chronic kidney disease: a systematic review of clinical practice guidelines

  • Survey of nephrologists
  • Survey of renal nurses

  • Qualitative research: Understanding the role of guidelines in clinical decision-making and clinical practice: a qualitative study

  • Qualitative research: consumer preferences

  • Consumer involvement in topic and outcome selection in the development of clinical practice guidelines

  • Comparison of development methodologies used by guideline groups

  • Trial-based guidelines and chronic kidney disease